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Supply chain sustainability solutions for a global world.

Producing, consuming and disposing of products creates billions in additional costs from enormous waste, unhealthy environments, the depletion of critical resources, and chronic illness.

MindClick’s powerful analytics connect the actions of suppliers with the needs of purchasers, driving improvement and helping organizations cost-effectively buy smarter and do no harm.

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Helping You Buy Smarter and Do No Harm


Supply Chain Engagement

Supply chain transparency and sustainability goals are best achieved when your suppliers’ efforts align with your business requirements.

What are your suppliers doing today? Do their efforts meet your needs? What can they do for you tomorrow?

We tailor our stakeholder engagement expertise, a robust suite of powerful data collection, survey and analysis tools, and access to our supplier sustainability database to help you measure, align and improve performance.

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Performance Improvement

We believe every supplier can be more sustainable. We also know sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand–delivering cost savings and innovation.

MindClick’s powerful analytics combine supplier ratings, your procurement spend, and economic and social ROI measures to help you set improvement targets.

We support supplier performance improvement through our web based platform – sharing best practices and providing resources, training tools and guidance.

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Integration with Procurement

We know your supplier contracts are carefully negotiated to provide the business stability, pricing and quality your organization needs. And your purchasing teams have limited time to dive deeply into the details of supply chain sustainability.

That’s why our information tools are customized to fit the way you do business. Ranging from annual assessments, to integrated information tools for use in contracting, to real-time point of purchase details, we provide the information you need, in the format you need, when you need it.

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With MindClick, today’s leaders are at the table with their suppliers, seeking solutions to produce products in ways that are better for the health and wellbeing of their customers, the environment, and the global community.

Our Solutions

Customized to meet the needs of your industry and your business.

  • Hospitality Solutions
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Custom Solutions

Hospitality Solutions

8 out of 10 travelers today expect hotels to operate in environmentally responsible ways. Industry leaders are raising the bar by extending environmental responsibility into their procurement efforts.

MindClick’s smart purchasing solutions track how your vendors’ products and manufacturing practices help you cost-effectively build, furnish and supply hotels in ways that benefit guest health, minimize your hotel’s environmental footprint, and support the global community.

To see an example of our custom solutions for hospitality, visit marriottsap.mindclickgroup.com.

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Healthcare Solutions

Today’s healthcare systems are challenged to take a holistic approach, improving the health of the populations they serve while at the same time reducing the cost of healthcare.

MindClick offers a breakthrough information solution delivering economic, health and social ROI analysis to help your purchasing agents buy smarter and do no harm.

Powerful analytics seamlessly integrate into your existing procurement efforts, helping your purchasing agents make choices leading to cost savings and safer, healthier environments for your staff, your patients and your communities.

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Custom Solutions

Environmentally preferable purchasing?     Corporate social responsibility?    Responsible sourcing?     Fair Labor Practices and Human Rights?     Chemicals of Concern?     Greenhouse gas emissions?     Waste reduction?     Packaging optimization?     Take Back/Reuse Programs?

Whether beginning the journey or addressing a specific requirement, MindClick provides the supplier engagement, data collection, verification, reporting, analysis and integration services you need so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Available Services:

  • Supply chain sustainability and business strategy integration
  • Data collection, performance measurement/scorecard solutions
  • Procurement process integration
  • Spend, economic and social ROI analysis
  • Supplier improvement solutions, training and education
  • Integration into client marketing and communications

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A Few of the Customers & Suppliers Who Place Their Trust in Us

From the Fortune 500 to Small and Medium Enterprises


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Sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand–delivering cost savings, innovation and a reduced footprint.



In our customers own words

When we can take a look at our company through different perspectives, it presents an opportunity for us to improve and to assist our customers in the area of sustainability.  MindClick does exactly that!

Gregory Painter Director of Sustainability http://www.jaspergroup.us.com/
MTS is honored to be sustainability partners with MindClick and Marriott.  Your commitment to sustainability inspires us to be a better company as it relates to our impact on the environment. Your thoroughness in evaluating MTS and other manufacturers is proof that MindClick is passionate about providing hoteliers, designers, specifiers and purchasing companies with accurate company evaluations as it relates to sustainability.
Scott Shutt Marketing Manager for MTS Seating http://www.mtsseating.com/

Partnering with MindClick in 2014 gave us an advantage to hit the targets presented in the coming year. After a quick review of the outline below, I am proud to say Charter has purchased, and is now operating, the Packsize On Demand Packaging system in our Liberty, NC location. It even features a core of 16% recycled material. Material is 100% recyclable according to our rep. We look forward to our partnership and taking even more steps forward.

Kevin Cloniger Designer / CAD Engineer for Charter Furniture www.charterfurniture.com

MindClick brings four critical services: a deep expertise in sustainability metrics across a variety of product categories; technology tools to cost effectively and efficiently support data collection and reporting from our suppliers; independent supplier performance evaluation services based on a desk audit of supplier responses and their expertise in rating systems; and access to solutions to help suppliers improve their performance.

Dave Lippert Vice President of Procurement for Marriott International www.marriott.com

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